Michael King Ross
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Born in a log cabin, MKR grew up in Gallup, New Mexico where he joined the circus and was raised mostly by the bearded lady and a tilt-a-whirl operator, although it was really a community effort. At the age of 12, MKR shot a man in Reno, even though his mama told him not to (in fact, she had instructed him not to play with guns at all). He spent several years in the California state penitentiary at Folsom, although nobody seems to know why, since Reno is in Nevada. When the mistake was discovered, MKR was set free and he made his way to Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, where he learned to make leather belts and macrame plant holders.

Berkeley is where MKR learned some of life's most useful skills, and one phrase in particular that promised him the keys to a prosperous life: "Spare Change?" Unfortunately, the country's War on Charity in the 1980's rendered this magical incantation obsolete, and MKR had to find a real job.

After brief stints as a fry cook at a Jack in the Box, a telephone sanitizer, and a shrimp tickler on a fishing boat right outside of Delacroix, MKR learned all four guitar chords and discovered that he could write folksongs and make literally hundreds of dollars a year, potentially.

And this is where we find MKR today - with a website, selling the original songs which he wrote and recorded in his home studio. If you've been lucky enough to catch one of MKR's infrequent live performances, you know that these songs delight and thrill the audiences, making them alternately laugh, and cry, and sometimes leave the room (maybe to go to the bathroom, or get something to drink, make a cell phone call, that sort of thing). Now you can own these songs yourself on your very own Compact Disc, which you can play repeatedly, many times, until your family gets sick of hearing them and threatens to leave you if you don't quit playing that damned gawd-awful racket!

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